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Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging

Guiding you towards a greener lifestyle

Why switch to green energy?

  • Minimise your contribution to carbon emissions and help combat climate change

  • Lower your energy bills and protect against rising energy costs

  • Equip your home with cutting-edge, sustainable technology ready for tomorrow's trends.


Harness the power
of the sun

Solar panel installation

Transition to solar energy and enjoy sustainable living like never before. Our solar panels are designed to maximize energy capture and efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of every ray of sunshine


We have a wide range of packages catered to suit your needs....




  • Battery storage

  • Works with Octopus

  • Inverter

  • Retrofitted to existing solar installations*

  • Excellent Warranties

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  • Solar PV

  • All black panels and fixings

  • Scaffolding included*

  • Excellent Warranties

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  • Solar PV 

  • Battery

  • Hybrid Inverter

  • All black panels and fixings

  • Scaffolding included*

  • Excellent Warranties

Batteries can only be retrofitted to MCS certificated installations. Allowance for standard scaffolding only.

Electric vehicle charging installation

Join the electric revolution. Our EV charging stations offer a convenient, fast, and reliable way to charge your electric vehicle at home. Experience peace of mind knowing your vehicle is always ready to go with our state-of-the-art charging solutions.

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Charge and go

We're certified

If you are interested in generating your own energy, it is important to use an MCS certified Installer so that the technology you choose is specified, installed and maintained correctly.

MCS is a mark of quality. Using an MCS certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent.

MCS certified Installers have undergone a rigorous vetting process to demonstrate that they adhere to our Standards. These Standards demonstrate a commitment to quality. They will also be a member of a Consumer Code which means strengthened customer protection for you.

If your technology is eligible for a government incentive, you will need to

be able to provide MCS certification to claim this.


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